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What others are saying: 

"A tidy and appealing book. Our visitors love it."  --Frits Nieuwstraten. Director of the Corrie ten Boom House Foundation

I stumbled upon this series, and I am so glad that I did! My family has enjoyed it so much. Additionally we just used one the books for a Book Club with thirteen young girls, and it was an inspiration. To top it off, we contacted Mrs. Sullivan and she went above and beyond to encourage these young gutsy girls. What a blessing! I highly recommend any/all books from this series as vibrant, well-written and illustrated additions to a child's life that will encourage in matters of faith, courage, and purpose! --Mother and Book Club Hostess

Fun fact:

In addition to being sold at bookstores everywhere, book two in the Gutsy Girls series is also available at the Ten Boom Museum in the Netherlands and the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum.

Purchase books here or from your favorite local bookstore.

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