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Who are the creators of Gutsy Girls?

Amy L. Sullivan, Author


Amy L. Sullivan is a writer, speaker, and leadership consultant. As a child, Amy charged neighborhood kids a nickel to enter her clubhouse and listen to her read stories about magical dragons and faraway places, and her report cards frequently contained the phrase, "talks too much in class." Today, Amy puts those skills to good use by speaking at schools, churches, and conferences about her picture book series Gutsy Girls: Strong Christian Women Who Impacted the World, and facilitating leadership development classes nationwide. Amy lives with her prom-date-turned-husband and two daughters in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


Beverly Ann Wines, Illustrator

Beverly Ann Wines is an illustrator, painter, and art teacher. Beverly's art reflects who she is and what she loves. Beverly’s work can be found in bookstores, homes, and galleries across the nation. 

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