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Book Four: DR. JENNIFER WISEMAN, scientist

What others are saying:

While the rest of the Gutsy Girls series focuses on well-known women from church history (Gladys Aylward, Corrie ten Boom, and Fanny Crosby), this newest volume is different in a few respects: Dr. Wiseman is not a figure from church history (yet), but a living woman. Her work as an astrophysicist isn’t what most would consider missions work, yet she works among many who consider science and faith incompatible and  argues graciously that they are, in fact, deeply compatible. What we learn from scientific study isn’t meant to refute or prove God’s existence but to teach us more about Him. 

--Théa Rosenburg, writer Big Story, Little Book and editor Deeply Rooted Magazine

This is my favorite of the Gutsy Girls series! My kids love these books and what they teach about brave Christian women. This one is especially relevant to our culture today. We loved learning together what inspired Jennifer to be a scientist for NASA and how she shines brightly for Christ today. The illustrations (word and pictures) are amazing! Highly recommend. --Lindy A., mother

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