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Book Five: SOJOURNER TRUTH, abolitionist and activist

What others are saying: 


I like this book because I haven’t learned a lot about Sojourner Truth in school. I think she is interesting because she grew really tall in a few years, had a very big shoe size, and knew Abraham Lincoln! -Allie, age eight

This story about Sojourner’s life is the perfect way to introduce her to young readers. My six year old and I read this book together and both of us learned so much. The illustrations are bright and engaging. The writing is fantastic. This book is one that comes to life as you read it. No bland historical bio here. This book would be a wonderful addition to any library whether that be home, school, or county! As a matter of fact, I’ll be requesting my county to purchase this series for check out. I want it in the hands of as many readers as possible! -Thompson Family

The story of Sojourner Truth will inspire young people to stand up for truth and justice. Sojourner is the epitome of a gutsy woman of God. I love the way the author explains slavery to children- as a horrifying act of humankind. We learn of the courage, faith, and determination of Sojourner. After she wins her own freedom she goes on to fight against slavery and for women's rights. "Sojourner showed people that when evil rules, God calls us to stand up and confront it." Knowing her story is needful and transformative. I'm so thankful the author and illustrator brought it to life in this book. -Lisa VanEngen, author 

Fun fact: The author and illustrator traveled to Battle Creek Michigan to learn more about Gutsy Girl, Sojourner Truth.

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